Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Wellness provides life coaching to assist teens and adults in developing a sense of self, clarity in decision-making, improving family and peer relationships, and strengthening emotional, social, and life skills through the benefits of possibility thinking.

It is our belief that each of us has the power within us to make our life what we want it to be. Every choice we make, affects every other aspect of our lives. We coach the whole person and we believe you deserve the life you want.


Family Life Coaching:

Family coaching sessions are designed to provide each family member with the tools and techniques to resolve conflicts, reach compromises and hopefully transform a difficult living situation into a comfortable one. By having a coach, your family will be guided toward your family goals and appreciate individual differences.



Individual Life Coaching:

With the coaching, individuals will be clear about what they want from life. We help them find their passion and help to clear away the obstacles that blocked them. This will help them to have more satisfying and happier life in every aspect. Professionally, they will be more effective and skilled at their work and get better results.

It’s an ongoing partnership focused on challenging you to unlock your potential, increase your skills, take action, solve problems, build confidence, and take practical steps toward your goals and dreams.


Couple Coaching

We are dedicated to giving couples the tools and resources that will assist them in realizing the full potential in their relationships. We are passionate about helping our clients achieve not only satisfaction in their relationship but a level of commitment that can best be described as a high-performing relationship.

Our coaches will help you to see your partner with a different perspective and heightened understanding while communicating in new ways that will break through difficult habits – channeling the energy that previously went into disagreements into healthier and purposeful relationship.


Kids Coaching (8-11 yrs):

Kids have their own problem and difficulties too. We help kids to see and understand the problem they have. Giving them tools to overcome life skills, social, emotional and behavior issues. We work with them on their level and tailor each session to their needs, learning type and their personality. We encourage and empower them to make some positive life changes by providing a safe, neutral and non-judgemental environment 


Teen Coaching (11-19 years):

Teen coaching is to encourage personal development in young people while providing an outlet for their stresses and anxieties. It is a mixture of goal-directed life coaching, mentoring (behavior modeling), and counseling, depending upon the needs of each family. The coach works closely with both parents and teens to identify goals and obstacles and guide the teen towards a more self-motivated, passionate, and fulfilling life.




Special Needs Family Coaching (Parents and Child)

When your child has special needs, your life is filled with work, decision, and worrying. You expend your time and energy – often to the point of emotional and physical exhaustion – trying to do the right thing for your child, both advocating on their behalf and encouraging their independence.

Parents are continually walking in unchartered territory. There is no definitive road map of what to do or how to respond to many situations and experience.

With our experienced coach in special needs management, together we will sort through all the messiness and unknowns of transitions so you can parent with more ease and confidence. You don’t need to go through this alone

Together with you, we will provide tools to build and access community resources, support sibling and their emotional health, advocate for your child in the school and community, navigate your child therapies and medical needs, address behavioral issues.

Single Parenting Coaching

As a single parent, it’s easy to fall into a rut of just ‘maintaining’ when you are overwhelmed by responsibility. You may be a single parent by choice, or you may have been through a divorce, breakup, or experienced a loss. Either way, you have     a lot to deal with it. Perhaps your life isn’t quite as you imagined it. Or perhaps you’re having trouble figuring out how to be a parent and still make space for your own dreams, rest, and creativity.

Single parents experience even more pressure to hold everything together than their partnered counterparts, and are particularly susceptible to burnout and the negative impacts of isolation and overwhelm.

We understand this limitations and challenges. Our coach will help you regain a sense of balance and work on simple ways to shift your perspective and establish a commitment to self-care that will benefit you and your whole family.

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