Support Group

At one time or another, we all need a shoulder to lean on or someone to turn to when the going gets rough. Those times are when we can most benefit from a support group. There are varieties of support group you can choose. Our support group is led by a professional counselor and require pre-registration.

This support group aim to give you:

  • Emotional Support: Stressful situations in our lives take a toll on our emotions. No matter what the situation might be, having support from others who have walked in our shoes and shared the same experiences can help us feel less isolated and make the load easier to bear.
  • Encouragement: When we’re down and out and ready to give up, others who understand can give the kind of support and encouragement that gives us the strength to go on.
  • Information: A support group can provide a variety of information to help us better understand our condition or situation. Members of the group may also share techniques and coping skills to make day-to-day living easier.
  • Giving Back: We feel better about our own situation when we actively participate in a support group and are helping others.

To find out what support group available, please call us

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