Helping Your Special Needs Child

Helping Your Special Needs Child

Early Childhood Services (ages 2-6)

Wellness Early Childhood Services is committed to providing quality services to help families with children six years of age and under, with their developmental, emotional and behavioral problems. We offer guidance and support to help parents understand and respond to unpredictable ups and downs of their child’s growth and development. As a family-centered approach, our program requires parent’s involvement in every step of the child’s early intervention program. The services empower parents and family members to incorporate support strategies into their child’s daily routines, to help your child reach his or her fullest potential.

Services Offered:
– Developmental Assessment
– School Readiness Assessment
– Developmental Stimulation Home Program (motor, speech/language, social emotion, behavior and cognitive).

School Age Services (ages 6-19)

Wellness School Age Services provides assessment and intervention for children and youth with academic, behavior, social and emotional challenges during the school years.
Our program assists families, professional service providers and school to meet the needs of children to transition into school. We provide ongoing support as they progress through primary and secondary education. We recognize that these children may require extra support at key life stages (social, puberty, self-images, etc).

Services Offered:
– Psycho-Educational/Psychological Assessment
– Academic, Social, Behavior and Life Coaching
– Parenting Coaching
– School/Home support and visit
– Home program

Young Adult Services (ages 19-23)

Parent support and involvement are a vital component to transition young adult for independency. Our regular meeting will involve both students and their parents to help facilitate the guiding relationship and keep the line of communication open.
We offer a unique program tailored to the individual need to help young adults with special needs understand themselves, their strength and their challenges. We give them skill and lifetime strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. We use evidenced-based treatment approach that is both emphatic and based on the current scientific literature.
Long term and short term goals will be identified in three areas: education and vocational, life management and psychosocial. Outcomes are measured by monitoring the specific long and short term goals across the different domains. The program is reevaluated regularly throughout the year in order to assess progress in each area, the plan’s effectiveness, and to make any adjustments.

Services Offered:
– Strong Interest and Talent
– Psycho-Educational /Psychological Assessment
– Executive Function Assessment
– Academic, Social, Behavior and Life Coaching
– Career Path and Vocational Coaching
– Parenting Coaching (family atmosphere)

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