• Hello and Welcome!

    We are a group of professional counselors, psychotherapists and life coaches. We have years of experiences and training in method of personal counseling and we have worked extensively with youth, adults and families.

    As counselor, we use counseling and psychotherapy interchangeably to help people with their thought processes.

    As life coaches, we provide an ongoing partnership designed to help people who struggle in life issues, leading them to make significant change in their lives.

    We’d like to invite you to benefit from our experience by looking through the pages on this site and seeing how we can best be of help to you

  • At Wellness Indonesia, we believe wellness includes the whole person, beginning with mental health. We stand for creative, supported self-discovery: the empowerment of children, teen, adult, couples and families and groups to overcome barriers and transcend their current situation. Together, we will design a plan to meet your personal goals, utilizing a variety of therapy techniques, counseling, or coaching approaches as well as non-medical assessments and referrals as needed.

  • Choosing to begin counseling or coaching can be a difficult decision. We strive to provide care that is professional, compassionate, and effective, a process that can broaden perspectives about life and expand the ability to make healthier choices. Please fill out our intake forms, and send it to us. We will schedule you for the appointment with one of our counselors and we will help you decide whether you need Life Coaching or Counseling. We look forward to meeting with you.

Wellness Education Services

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