Chyntia Poedjokerto MS.Ed

Chyntia Poedjokerto MS.Ed

Master Degree in Special Education (Kansas University, USA)
Practitioners of Social Thinking & The Alert Program
Orton Gillingham Certified Instructor
Certified RDI Consultant
Cognitive Behavior Therapy Certified (CBT)

Chyntia Poedjokerto has been working in the field of Special Education for many years. She received her master degree in Special Education at Kansas University and she works as a certified RDI consultant and family counselor at Wellness Counseling and Educational Center. Chyntia has extensive training in assessment and intervention with children and works with children with developmental and learning differences such as Gifted, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Executive Functioning differences, as well as social, emotional and behavioral issues.

Chyntia has served as a consultant to many schools in designing and implementing support services programs and facilitating different learning needs in the area of special education in inclusive and special needs setting; focusing on strategies to increase learning success for all students.

As a family counselor, Chyntia understands the challenges every parent faced in raising up children in the 21st century. She works closely with parents to provide the child with an emotionally healthy home. In parallel, she a works with teachers to create a supportive school environment that enables the child to reach maximum potential. Chyntia uses her experiences and skills, from identifying the issue, setting up the goals, and breaking it down into manageable and practical steps. She monitors each of her programs carefully and make necessary adjustment as it fits

She has presented at conferences and runs various forms of training and workshop for parents, teacher and professional in the education/parenting sector. Chyntia combines her personal and professional coaching experiences, in the dynamic ways with practical and ready to use strategies.

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