Alex Witarsa, M.A., BCBA

Alex Witarsa, M.A., BCBA

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

Alex Witarsa started teaching children with autism at New England Center for Children in 2003 immediately after graduating from University of Washington in Seattle with Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Working in the classroom and at the residential program with the Staff Intensive Unit department helped develop his analytical skills and expertise. The children within this program exhibited significant self-injurious behavior, intense physical aggression, major property destruction, elopement and communication impairments, which inherently shaped a significant degree of perseverance and fortitude as a practitioner. While working in Massachusetts, Alex went on to finish Graduate school at Framingham State University to obtain Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology and at University of Massachusetts Boston for Graduate Courses in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Alex Witarsa has experiences providing Applied Behavior Analytic services consultation for children and adults (18 to 85-year old) with developmental disabilities and/or mental illness in various settings such as schools, homes, residential, adult learning programs, State Institutions, Crisis Center, Vocational, and Psychiatric Hospital settings. He has encountered various challenging behaviors that might necessitate involvement/ collaboration with police department, emergency medical services and hospitals in the area. He has always believed in working together as a team to achieve successful outcomes in decreasing challenging behaviors and in assisting each individual acquires functional, purposeful daily living skills.

Alex Witarsa has held various positions throughout his career as BCBA in various companies, Comprehensive Autism Supervisor, Supervisor of Case Managers and Behavior Specialists/ Technicians and as Positive Behavior Support (PBS) District Coach for Sunnyvale School District in California, USA. Currently, Alex Witarsa is the co-founder and Director of Ingenia Behavioral Health in Texas, USA.

 Through the years, Alex Witarsa has come to understand the meaning of resiliency, to persist and never give up on anyone he is working with, regardless of the challenges their behaviors may present. Most importantly, Alex Witarsa values even the slightest progress each client makes and to share this joy with parents/ guardians who might have grown accustomed to difficult conversations throughout many years of challenges in their children’s education, rather than rejoicing in the successful accomplishment of minor, yet significant milestones.

Alex Witarsa’s work experiences in serving individuals with a vast range of unique and complex behavioral, emotional, physical, social and medical needs has helped shape the clinician he is today. This constant search to generate life-changing interventions for individuals with special needs continues to drive his commitment as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

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